JR Garage is out to make a difference.  Along with offering advice and business experiences to young entrepreneurs on YouTube, we also wanted to do something immediately tangible.  But we need YOUR help too!  

We are self-sponsoring JR Garage's own initiative to give shirts, sweatshirts, and hats to those in need.  It's simple: for every shirt, sweatshirt, or hat purchased; one will be donated directly and personally.

That means if we sell 1000 shirts, 500 sweatshirts, and 500 hats - then we will donate 2000 shirts, hoodies, and hats to those in need.  And we know how important that will be this winter.  We look forward to making blog posts as we reach our goals.

By combining the success of our businesses and now our social media following we are certain that, with EVERYONE'S help, we can spread positivity!